Salutations Now And Always

Hello, it’s after midnight—

A touch of that dirty Brooklyn summer tonight, concrete heat so dense it almost feels like fog. People have been sweating away the nights in this particular room for a hundred and twenty seven years, and it’s not impossible to enjoy the experience. Keeps the windows open so that you hear it all happening out there, the cars scraping by and the stereos banging and the deli gates rattling closed and once, about an hour ago, a lone girl singing. I couldn’t hear the words, but I enjoyed the melody…

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to the kind folks below who talked to me about Songs Only You Know.

My honor.



Author/Musician Rob Roberge interviewed me for the The Rumpus; great conversing with Rob.

Tobias Carroll interviewed me for Vol. 1 Brooklyn over my ninth mug of coffee one late spring evening in Greenpoint; turns out that before Tobias was a force in the coverage of new literature he’d grubbed around New Jersey’s musical underground. He was good enough to post cover art of the first record I ever played on—a 7″ recorded, weirdly enough, the afternoon of my 1996 high school graduation. The band had a ways to go toward subtly, and no foresight about the internet.

David Gutowski invited me to contribute a Book Notes playlist to Largehearted Boy and I rambled as people who love music often do.